Men, are you feeling down and out?

16 04 2010

Hey Guys!  If you haven’t felt like yourself lately and are experiencing the symptoms below it might be time to check w/your Dr. and have a Testosterone test done.  Some of the symptoms of low testosterone are:

Poor memory

Lack of Motivation

Low or non-existent libido

No energy

You don’t recover from your workouts like you used to.

Your strength is declining in your workouts.


The list goes on and on really but the above symptoms are fairly common.  So, go to your Dr. and ask to have the following blood tests done –

Total Testosterone

Bio Available Testosterone

E2 (Estradiol)

SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)

Don’t let your Dr. just do a total testosterone test and tell you your done.  You need all of the tests above to make an accurate diagnosis and get a good picture of your hormone levels.

I will be talking a lot more in the future about the above tests as well as what they mean so watch for future posts.